Sunshine Blogger Award

For the uninitiated, various blogging awards are a way for a blogger to appreciate, encourage and know more about other bloggers. Thank you Richard for my first ever nomination. I did not forget about it. Finally, got some time to respond to the award posts. Check out Richard’s blog here . Richard does not appear to be in great place right now and seem to be depressed, so any appreciation and words of encouragement you could give him on his blog would help. Hang in there friend, good times are just around the corner.


Following are the questions from Richard to his nominees:-

  2. DO YOU REFLECT YOUR CHILDHOOD IMAGE OF YOURSELF, IF NOT; WHAT COULD YOU DO TO MAKE IT REALITY? My childhood image is too naive and emotionally weak. I strive to be tough in this harsh world while still keeping the goodness in my heart. Also, i enjoyed singing and dancing a lot when i was little, but lost touch with those as the life got more focused on earning a degree. Now that i have time, I am trying to include those in my day-to-day life.
  3. WHAT ACTIONS DO YOU TAKE TO BATTLE SELF DOUBT? Meditation has been a huge help and I read motivational books. What i have learnt so far is that ultimately, everyone is unique and there is no point in comparing yourself to others or have self doubt about yourself. My purpose is to try to be the better version of myself every single day.
  4. WHAT IS YOUR GREATEST INHIBITION? My greatest inhibition was to be true to my own self – my own emotional, spatial, physical needs. I worried too much about being judged or inflicting pain to others. I have started to let that go.
  5. ARE YOU HAPPY? Happiness is elusive. I am grateful and at peace for what i have.

For the sunshine blogger award, these are the rules:-

  1. Use the sunshine blogger award logo
  2. Give thanks to the blogger that nominated you
  3. Answer the 11 questions given to you
  4. Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 questions


  1. How did it occur to you to start blogging?
  2. What kind of blogs or books do you like to read?
  3. Do you believe in God and why or why not?
  4. If given a chance, what would you change in your past?
  5. What do you like the most about yourself?
  6. Are you an introvert or extrovert?
  7. What is your greatest inhibition?(borrowed from Richard)
  8. What kind of music do you like? Any favorite songs?










god, spirituality

Who are you?

How often do we answer this without thinking too much. I am ‘blah’ and I do ‘something’ for work. This is usually how we introduce ourselves. But did we not exist before we were given a name? Are we defined by what we do or how educated we are? Sometimes, we introduce ourselves by our relationships – son/daughter of Mr and Mrs Xyz or father/mother/spouse of abc.

As we grow older, these details change and hence our definition of ourselves changes. So that must not be who we are. How about our thoughts? 🤔That must be us! But do we cease to exist without our thoughts? For example, in the thought-less state of meditation?

As a newborn, before we have a name and everything else, who are we? Or who are we left with if we lose everthing that we use to define ourselves? That probably will happen towards the end of life.

Are we the very life force, the consciousness, the essence of that superpower? Is that the God that everyone keeps talking about? The god that is inherent in all beings? If so, God seems very simple and I wonder what is in the intricately written religious textbooks.

And of course, keep introducing yourself like you do to other people, else they will call you crazy😜, but try to truly answer this question for yourself.


True Love has no Opposite

Is Love that intoxicating, all-consuming feeling that doesn’t let you sleep? Someone rightly said(and science proved it with brain scans! 😲🤓) that Love is a drug like no other and stronger the drug, worse the hangover, stronger the addiction and more severe the withdrawal symptoms.

But is that longing for a loved one true Love? Or is it just a need : emotional, social or physical? Does love fade once that need is met? Or, a tougher question, would it ever turn into hate? And if it does, was it ever pure love? Even Rumi 👇 couldn’t explain love, who am I! 😍


Less is More!

I recently saw a video that talked about how fashion creates 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases and that 235 million items of clothing are sent to landfill every year. How sad is that! On one side of spectrum, people are so poor that they do not have clothes to keep them warm in brutally cold winters and on the other side there is a race to buy the latest trendy clothes for every new season and waste precious resources of this amazing planet. Celebrity repeating a dress becomes a news these days. Is that the kind of world we want to leave behind, for our children?

I am definitely not against dressing nice and looking good but why is there a never ending need to impress others with your possessions, be it clothing, cars or houses. We keep chasing highs in material things and as they are short lived, we stay in that cycle, looking for newer things to make us happy. There is a dire need for all of us to pause and think before we buy things. I am equally guilty of this, but not anymore. Just by being aware of the negative impact we are making on our environment and society and then getting into the habit of pausing and thinking before we buy/trash things could make a huge difference in our perspective. We are less likely to do it next time.


Evolve so hard…

Is that even possible? How exactly do you do that? Why would you even want to do that? Those were my thoughts when I came across this quote few months back.

Once I started looking inside myself, I can see that not only it is possible, it is beautiful. But one has to be willing to seek the change, to have the courage to go beyond the rules and to persist when faced with the roadblocks. Evolution should not only be the outer changes. Inner changes are much more important and I believe that those will automatically lead to the outer changes. My dear friend shared the following quote and I loved it:

Our learnt behavior is conditioned by the environment(Culture, people, education, workplace etc.)we live in. We establish a routine based on that and keep doing the same or similar things every single day. It is hard to get out of that cycle and reflect on what has been going right or wrong. Even our workplaces have year-end reviews and next-year objectives. Why don’t we do that in our personal lives?

This year,my first time ever, on new year I made a list of things I would like to do. It included: read a new book every month, improve my running pace, visit my brother, try going vegan and a few other things. It is great to check off these items as the year goes by. But you don’t have to wait for the new year, you can choose your Birthday, any other important Day or better yet, TODAY – the day you decided to evolve! And it will become your milestone day, one day.

The book that brought much needed change for me, internally, is ‘The power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle. I am starting to read his other popular book ‘A New Earth’. So here’s to slowly moving Onwards and Upwards! Peace to you all.

Do you have a list? What changes are you making this year? Would love to hear from all the wonderful people out there.