True Love has no Opposite

Is Love that intoxicating, all-consuming feeling that doesn’t let you sleep? Someone rightly said(and science proved it with brain scans! 😲🤓) that Love is a drug like no other and stronger the drug, worse the hangover, stronger the addiction and more severe the withdrawal symptoms.

But is that longing for a loved one true Love? Or is it just a need : emotional, social or physical? Does love fade once that need is met? Or, a tougher question, would it ever turn into hate? And if it does, was it ever pure love? Even Rumi 👇 couldn’t explain love, who am I! 😍


20 thoughts on “True Love has no Opposite”

  1. Such a mystery! I feel like love sits somewhere between science and religion. Both sides try hard to win it over. Maybe it’s chemical, maybe it’s not.

    Nice post! 👍

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  2. You know my views on Love Jyot.
    Rumi and I are talking of Love divine and that ever keeps growing.
    The other loves too are there and feelings are so hard to define. They can only be experienced.
    Service is the active expression of love.
    Yes, the physical love can and does wane.
    I tell young people to marry the person they love talking to 😊

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    1. I agree Ashokji, broadly speaking, to love is to serve, to let go of the ‘I’, the ego and its need to be right. Like in a parent child relationship. For other relationships, specially intimate ones, it is easier said than done and requires lot of work on the inner ‘I’.

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  3. In my opinion love is too great to hate, love doesn’t know hate and it’s not selfish…when love turns to hate mostly because we couldn’t have the person, it’s not love , it’s possession…and love doesn’t possess, this is what people don’t know
    And people love differently, but the best love is the love that includes friendship and misunderstanding and chemistry that cannot be explained with words…this is how I see it but still people love in many different ways and most common confusions are: lust, physical attraction and charm with the feeling of love that might include physical attraction but it shouldn’t be limited to this, love is bigger than that!
    Hope I provided something useful and thank you for sharing 👍

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    1. It was useful Huguette! Thanks for the read and comment. Possessiveness is definitely one. Other is expectations(after you have the person you loved) These can make the pure love murky. Letting each other grow without the expectations is ideal in my opinion.

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  4. Personally, I don’t think that true love ever fades. And when someone is exhibiting hatred towards someone, I think that even comes from a place of care. When you care too much and it’s painful, that’s when people do hateful things. What’s the song say… ‘the opposite of love’s indifference’…?

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    1. Thanks V for the read. Much appreciated. Pain in love, because it is not reciprocal or for other reasons, does drive people to do hateful things. But ultimately letting go is way better, in my opinion, than filling yourself with hatred and making both the lives miserable. But i do see your point and can relate to it too.

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  5. I agree. Love is the most profound thing I have felt in my life. It has changed me. Opening my eyes( yet while in the midst they were seemingly closed for a time)
    Your question about hate is a good one. I believe it depends in the person and who they are inside. To me – who I am within cannot and am unable to hate those I love. When I was younger and hurt after a significant loss I tried to hate. Honestly. But what is inside of me that pushes me to be who I am will not let me. Everyone I have ever loved I hold within me and no matter the outcome of the relationship I still genuinely love them and until my dying day ( even likely after) I know that I always will. Thank you for this JJ.

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    1. Thanks KJ for the read. You seem to be a kind soul. Like V said in his comment, hate could sometimes come because we care too much and it hurts too much. But you are right, a kind person would never be able to really hate the person they love/loved. It is who they are inside. Stay that way!

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      1. Your words mean a lot JJ. I appreciate them. I learned years ago for me at least it takes energy and focus to hate something. It’s draining and negative. Negativity drains me it always has. Yet, I find it interesting how we as people are drawn to the negative. It’s like it is almost inherent within us all and we have to work to find the positive and love. Hate is a powerful emotion but not as strong as love. You lose much of yourself when you focus on hate with the energy you have to put into it. Love however takes no energy. It comes and once there you can give and give like an ever filling cup. Where hate is draining love is filling. You gain so much from love. Yes it can hurt but it also teaches if you let it.

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      2. Agree completely KJ. Negativity draws for sure. Thats why people are hooked into news channels. Life is easier when you just focus on yourself be the best version of yourself and let go of everything else. No one teaches you the very simple things in life. Probably those are meant to be learnt by experience. And yes Love fills you heart and soul with energy that you can’t even get from food. Cheers for positivity and love!

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