Evolve so hard…

Is that even possible? How exactly do you do that? Why would you even want to do that? Those were my thoughts when I came across this quote few months back.

Once I started looking inside myself, I can see that not only it is possible, it is beautiful. But one has to be willing to seek the change, to have the courage to go beyond the rules and to persist when faced with the roadblocks. Evolution should not only be the outer changes. Inner changes are much more important and I believe that those will automatically lead to the outer changes. My dear friend shared the following quote and I loved it:

Our learnt behavior is conditioned by the environment(Culture, people, education, workplace etc.)we live in. We establish a routine based on that and keep doing the same or similar things every single day. It is hard to get out of that cycle and reflect on what has been going right or wrong. Even our workplaces have year-end reviews and next-year objectives. Why don’t we do that in our personal lives?

This year,my first time ever, on new year I made a list of things I would like to do. It included: read a new book every month, improve my running pace, visit my brother, try going vegan and a few other things. It is great to check off these items as the year goes by. But you don’t have to wait for the new year, you can choose your Birthday, any other important Day or better yet, TODAY – the day you decided to evolve! And it will become your milestone day, one day.

The book that brought much needed change for me, internally, is ‘The power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle. I am starting to read his other popular book ‘A New Earth’. So here’s to slowly moving Onwards and Upwards! Peace to you all.

Do you have a list? What changes are you making this year? Would love to hear from all the wonderful people out there.


17 thoughts on “Evolve so hard…”

  1. Short and beautiful post and you have touched quite a few truths/acts
    Internal change Jyot is not only required, that is the only change that is real. Outside world truly is a reflection of what is inside us.
    All the very best for the new book and the jogs and the journey towards being a Vegan

    Today is the best day to make resolutions and to carry them out.
    To begin, begin – Wordsworth

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    1. Yah, that is a tough one. I struggle with keeping my house neat as well, specially keeping the closets organized. Will put that in my list. Thank you for the read.

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  2. This is very well put in a simple and effective way! I have the power of now book but didn’t read it yet, I already believe that we only have now and for me, what I changed is that I included workout habit in my schedule and I always hated workout and sports… trying to read more but the blog is taking my entire time so I might change the plan to read more and we must enjoy our loved one presence while they’re there
    Thank you for sharing 👍 so inspiring

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    1. Thank you for the read and comment Huguette, means a lot. I agree blogging is time consuming 😅. Glad to know that you have the book as well. It has lot of other insights than just the ‘Now’. And great job on adding workouts, we must take care of our bodies as they let us have all the other wonderful experiences of life.

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