Less is More!

I recently saw a video that talked about how fashion creates 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases and that 235 million items of clothing are sent to landfill every year. How sad is that! On one side of spectrum, people are so poor that they do not have clothes to keep them warm in brutally cold winters and on the other side there is a race to buy the latest trendy clothes for every new season and waste precious resources of this amazing planet. Celebrity repeating a dress becomes a news these days. Is that the kind of world we want to leave behind, for our children?

I am definitely not against dressing nice and looking good but why is there a never ending need to impress others with your possessions, be it clothing, cars or houses. We keep chasing highs in material things and as they are short lived, we stay in that cycle, looking for newer things to make us happy. There is a dire need for all of us to pause and think before we buy things. I am equally guilty of this, but not anymore. Just by being aware of the negative impact we are making on our environment and society and then getting into the habit of pausing and thinking before we buy/trash things could make a huge difference in our perspective. We are less likely to do it next time.


13 thoughts on “Less is More!”

  1. why do we need the newest item? i feel it is a multi layered issue. anything that is made can wear out or break. thus we need a new item. it has become cheaper to buy a new one than to fix the old. plus we are duped by advertisement as we need/must have the newest item. economics also. people work making things and if they are not being bought, people wont have jobs. i also feel companies dangle the carrot in front of us by making something and then making it better and then better and then better, yet they planned it that way without making the item the best the first time. greed also plays into the picture. have you looked at used car lots? look how many cars are there and yet new ones are being made. even now, we are encouraged to recycle, yet companies have stopped taking recycled metal etc and back to using virgin metals, plastic etc.

    oh what a wicked web we have spun for ourselves.

    good post!!

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    1. Thanks Buddy for your thought provoking comment. I agree that it is a complex issue and it is indeed cheaper to buy new than fix old but at what cost😬! .Even if more buying and more dumping seems good for economy/jobs in the short term, we will all pay the cost in the long term. You said it right – ‘what a wicked web we have spun’. So very apt. Thanks for the read.


    2. Yeah I completely agree with you .
      This must be ended .
      Now a days even a bigger problem is caused by plastic .
      There must be a way .
      As being a biotechnologist .
      I know that something can be done soo as to change this .
      Even my mentor is searching a way to naturally decompose it.
      And soon when I’m ready I’ll join him .
      I’ll act towards saving my mother earth because someone should.
      .By the way great post up there.
      .Even i wrote a poem on this topic few hours ago .
      Go read it .
      And let me know how it is

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      1. Thanks Suyash for taking the time to read and comment. Plastic is indeed a way bigger problem and i was tempted to add that in my post but decided to edit it out. And while people are coming up with better biodegradable products and newer ideas, we all should make an effort to reduce the usage of plastics. There are things that are harder to replace like yogurt cups, milk cartons etc., but I am sure we can still do little things to reduce our plastic trash footprint. I will definitely read your blog and post. Thanks for the interaction.


  2. Great thoughts on this subject!

    We like to have choices, so we keep creating them. We create so many to a point where we don’t know how to choose. Then we say to ourselves, “Scratch those, let’s start all over.” What a horrible cycle!

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  3. Great post JJ! 👏👏
    Deep thoughts! There is only a slim line between materialistic NEEDS and WANTS. Every human should have this understanding to have a clear perception of life. Life is not always about moving along with any kind of flock. By this I don’t mean one shouldn’t move with a Flock. It depends on what kind of flock you choose to move with. Your post is so powerful and I feel that you have written your heart out. You made me feel responsible to spread your word across ✨🤗🌼 Way to go JJ!

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    1. Thank you Roshna for the read and your kind appreciation. Its a pleasure to connect with you. Totally agree that who we surround ourselves with makes a huge difference to our outlook. Much love 🤗 back to you.

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