god, spirituality

Who are you?

How often do we answer this without thinking too much. I am ‘blah’ and I do ‘something’ for work. This is usually how we introduce ourselves. But did we not exist before we were given a name? Are we defined by what we do or how educated we are? Sometimes, we introduce ourselves by our relationships – son/daughter of Mr and Mrs Xyz or father/mother/spouse of abc.

As we grow older, these details change and hence our definition of ourselves changes. So that must not be who we are. How about our thoughts? 🤔That must be us! But do we cease to exist without our thoughts? For example, in the thought-less state of meditation?

As a newborn, before we have a name and everything else, who are we? Or who are we left with if we lose everthing that we use to define ourselves? That probably will happen towards the end of life.

Are we the very life force, the consciousness, the essence of that superpower? Is that the God that everyone keeps talking about? The god that is inherent in all beings? If so, God seems very simple and I wonder what is in the intricately written religious textbooks.

And of course, keep introducing yourself like you do to other people, else they will call you crazy😜, but try to truly answer this question for yourself.